Cardi Begins Production on own Tuxedo Shirts

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In April 2011, Cardi began manufacturing its own line of tuxedo shirts (both rental and retail styles). The microfiber shirts and poly/cotton shirts will have the "CARDI" label, and the 100% cotton shirts will have the "Cristoforo Cardi" label.

There will be a total of 20 styles including:

100% Luxury Microfiber:

WCOMO = "White Como" [white, laydown collar, no pleats]
ICOMO = "Ivory Como" [ivory, laydown collar, no pleats]
BCOMO = "Black Como" [black, laydown collar, no pleats]
WLUCCA = "White Lucca" [white, wingtip collar, no pleats]
ILUCCA = "Ivory Lucca" [ivory, wingtip collar, no pleats]
BLUCCA = "Black Lucca" [black, wingtip collar, no pleats]
WENZO = "White Enzo" [white, laydown collar, 1/4" pleats]
IENZO = "Ivory Enzo" [ivory, laydown collar, 1/4" pleats]
BENZO = "Black Enzo" [black, laydown collar, 1/4" pleats]
WDANTE = "White Dante" [white, wingtip collar, 1/4" pleats]
IDANTE = "Ivory Dante" [white, wingtip collar, 1/4" pleats]
BDANTE = "Black Dante" [white, wingtip collar, 1/4" pleats]

65% Poly / 35% Cotton Blend:

WL = "White Marco" [white laydown 1/4 inch pleat ;65% poly / 35% cotton blend]
WW = "White Aldo" [white wingtip 1/4 inch pleat; 65% poly / 35% cotton blend]

100% Cotton:

BARI = "Bari" [white, laydown collar, no pleats]
FINO = "Fino" [white, wingtip collar, no pleats]
ANGELO = "Angelo" [white, laydown collar, 1/4" pleats]
VERONA = "Verona" [white, wingtip collar, 1/4" pleats]
MILAN = "Milan" [white, laydown collar, 1/2" pleats]
ROMA = "Roma" [white, wingtip collar, 1/2" pleats]

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