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Completing Your Purchase with Our Jewelry Boxes


Maintaining the items you purchase is important to our customers, therefore it is important to us. Because of this, we include a jewelry box with every purchase of studs and cufflinks.  As we continue to see an increase in products being shipped, we find great value in the assurance the padded packaging provides.

Not only does this box provide a place of safe storage, but it is also a great display for the product to be showcased in.  Each box comes branded to beautifully display the Cristoforo Cardi accessory collection. With the sleek black design, merchandising jewelry has become a breeze.

This packaging makes our studs and cufflinks the perfect gift for customers to commemorate any occasion.  We have a wide variety in stock so make sure to check out our unique styles below:

Irish Clovers Gold Studs and Cufflinks Set

Musical G Clef Silver Studs and Cufflinks Set

Casino Cards Gold Studs and Cufflinks Set

Skull & Crossbones Silver Studs and Cufflinks Set