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About Us

Founded in 2006 by Christopher Cardi, CARDI is now available in over 2000 tuxedo stores & bridal stores across the country. With Chris' many years experience in high-end Italian fashion design and product outsourcing, CARDI and Cristoforo product lines are on the cutting edge of current formal trends. Combining higher quality fabrics with tuxedos and formalwear accessories, the construction of each item boasts uncompromising value of fabric quality, craftsmanship and durability.

Our Brands

The Cardi brand, designed primarily for the tuxedo rental market, was our first brand established in 2006.

The BLACKTIE brand, designed primarily for tuxedo retail, is our fastest growing brand! Premium fabrics, such as high-grade wool blends & velvets, at attractive pricing makes this an appealing line to the masses.

Cristian Alexander, our newest line developed towards the end of 2019, focuses on value-based retail formal wear. Modern stretch fabrics at lower price points provide store owners a quality product to appeal to value-based customers.

The Cristoro Cardi brand focuses on more demanding consumers who want luxury items crafted from Italian mill fabrics, premium silk & linens, semi-precious stones, etc.

Xander Xiao, a designer from San Francisco, selected Cardi to distribute their party wear line to the formal wear industry. We were pleased to accept since this young, fun, festive line compliments the overall Cardi product line!