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Dinner Jackets Receive an Upgrade

We are excited to introduce two new "Maxwell" Dinner Jackets!

For reference, he "Maxwell" jackets will be replacing the "Hamilton" Dinner Jackets in both white and light ivory.  The styling is similar; however, we made a few improvements.

The biggest improvement is the fabric content.  Instead of continuing the microfiber fabric of the "Hamilton", the "Maxwell" uses a higher grade material consisting of poly, viscose, and 2% lycra for more modern, comfortable fit.

Also, we are now doing both modern fit and slim fit in the "Maxwell".  (NOTE: prior, we only did the "Hamilton" in a modern fit).

Detail enhancements include premium interior paisley lining, sweat shields, additional interior pockets, etc.

Overall, the "Maxwell" is definitely an upgrade compared to the "Hamilton".  The good news is that although it's an upgrade, we are keeping the wholesale price the same - win/win! ... :)

"Maxwell" jackets in both white and light ivory recently arrived in our warehouse and are available for immediate shipment.  We encourage you to either order online or call customer service to place your order so you can showcase these staples in your store.