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Introducing Ethan. Christopher's Stylish Fraternal Twin

There comes a time when items we love go through a little re-boot and sprucing up to fit the demands of purchasing customers. This allows for the product to become more appealing to not only existing, but potential new customers. Cardi has reached that place, which is why we now offer to you, “Ethan” Super 150’s Luxury Viscose Blend Suit Pants.

We know what you’re thinking, what about the “Christopher’s?” Well, think of the “Ethan’s” as “Christopher’s” more stylish fraternal twin. Everything that you loved about Christopher is still featured with Ethan. That’s right, Ethan offers the exact same fabric, color, style and size scale that Christopher did. The ONLY difference between these brothers, is that Ethan comes with belt loops! The reasoning behind adding belt loops onto Ethan is due to the trend and feedback from clientele expressing interest in having the option of belt loops on this specific pant. This (bonus) addition to the pant gives the customer more styling options, such as wearing a vest or cummerbund to cover up the loops should they prefer the original look, or the alternative to style the pants with a belt and wear the outfit as a suit.

We want to express that this fantastic add-on of the belt loops does NOT include the older brother (and best seller) of the two, “Christopher” Black Super 150’s Luxury Viscose Blend Tuxedo Pants (CA-P710A). He has earned his place and will remain the classic tux pant with the satin stripe and no belt loops everyone adores. Having said that, eventually, Ethan will step in for his brother Christopher, in the colors: heather grey, steel grey, and navy; but the transition between the pants blend seamlessly into the Christopher inventory that is so well known.

We hope that you are as excited about this simple and subtle modification to a classic pant as we are. The options have only grown in the opportunity for sales, and we have a feeling that belt loops are the addition that a majority never even realized they needed!