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In today’s (fashion) world, we think it’s pretty safe to say that millennials are constantly making moves, trends, and influencing decisions. Between Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook everyone you allow can get a glance into not only your life, but what you are wearing. With a simple tag any single store owner, designer, brand, etc. with a social media account is able to be mentioned and recognized. Due to the fact that millennials are a rather large chunk (because of their shopping addictions) of consumer sales the demand for specifics have raised tremendously.

In the tuxedo rental industry, growing online companies such as and the infamous George Zimmer’s have already begun to offer the latest formal fashions. If you look at either of these sites, you will notice that only 100% cotton shirts are offered in their shirt collection.  These companies recognize that consumers no longer want inferior poly-cotton or microfiber fabrics. They prefer an organic fiber like cotton because it is breathable, lightweight, comfortable and reliable while still looking great!

We understand that bringing and introducing new items into collections can sometimes be challenging at first because there are older pieces that are held as staples by many storeowners. But 100% Cotton Dress Shirts are 100% your new staple (see what we did there).

CARDI is no exception to this new and exciting rule as we are now offering these amazing NEW 100% Cotton Twill Dress Shirts. The collection is called “Jamison” and comes in three perfect year-round colors. 

Something that is really encouraging about the “Jamison” shirts is that it gives you (our customers) a great opportunity for upselling potential. Customers are most likely willing to pay an extra ten to fifteen dollars to ensure a softer, breathable and more comfortable 100% cotton shirt for the evening! With proms, weddings, and formal events the rentals are sure to add up.

Because we believe so much in the “Jamison” shirts and how well they will be received to the community, we want to offer an introductory special to our loyal customers. 

By using the code JAMISON20 on our website at, you will gain access to 20% off of your initial order!  This special code will only be valid from today until July 1st so please plan now and take advantage of our special incentive pricing.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our customer care specialists at 888.467.0004.