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Sneak Peek: Fall 2017

Summer has been incredible thus far, but before we know it Fall will be here. As you know, we’re always on top of the latest trends, fabrics and styles when it comes to formal wear. So, it should be no surprise that our Fall 2017 delivery will be full of new and exciting accessories.

That’s right, coming soon this fall, you can expect four new fabrics specifically for all of those bow tie and necktie wearers out there. All made from poly-woven material, these four patterns will also be available in multiple colors (which our website showcases). These “new” and exciting fabrics are titled: Madison Plaid, Enchantment, Regal and Newton Stripe.

These four awesome fabric additions to Cardi International will be available for adults in self-tie as well as pre-tie bow ties. However, for neckties, they will only be available in the self-tie design. We happily will also be carrying these patterns for kids that love wearing bow ties, and will also offer them the “Windsor” (pre-tied) as their neckties option. So, fear not as everyone will be included and looking good for Fall 2017! Furthermore, being thrown into the mix is another accessory that we believe deserves a lot more credit…handkerchiefs. All four fabrics will be available in handkerchief form to create any and all sophisticated looks.

We’re so excited about these four new fabrics and we know you will be too! They are trendy, edgy, and completely timeless which is why they’re perfect for any tie collection or collector. This sneak peek is just the beginning, so don’t forget to check back throughout these next few months and follow us on our social media accounts to assure you’ll be in the know about all of the excitement.


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