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Suspend Yourself Into Style

You may not believe what we are about to say, but suspenders are creeping back up in the formal fashion world. That’s right, you heard us correctly! Recently, store owners have expressed the increase of popularity from customers when it comes to renting or purchasing suspenders. And when it comes to accessorizing, we think that customers have the right idea.

Not only are suspenders used in formal attire, but men and women alike are more and more sporting suspenders in their casual every day wear. They’re the perfect addition to complete any outfit (formal or non-formal) because they’re so versatile and adaptable. Whether you prefer an “x” backing over a “y” or a specific ending to your suspenders (drop clips, leather, woven), there is a suspender for just about any event or occasion.

At, we offer a plethora of over four-hundred different styles of suspenders (all made in the USA)! As we mentioned, the options when it comes to wearing this accessory are endless. Having choices of patterns, colors, styles, backings, etc. are entirely based off of the customers’ needs and preferences. Attending a black-tie affair? Why don’t you check out some of the sophisticated one-hundred percent silk suspenders? Going to a themed party where guests dress up as something specific? Our Plaid or Checkered suspenders can lend a helping hand there. In addition, with colors ranging all the way from coffee and fluorescent lime, to rainbow and tangerine; being able to supply enough options for specific needs is something that we are delighted to offer. Our feeling with suspenders continuing to rise in popularity is that it is only the beginning; and we should show our appreciation to Steve Urkel as he secretly taught us all something that we could not understand until now.