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We Did It Again...

Silly us here at Cardi International! We ordered too much inventory again. Which, is unfortunate for us but amazing for you!

Living up to our nickname of the “in stock company,” we are hopeful that our wonderful customers might be interested in some of our overloaded inventory. Now that prom season has wind down, it is the perfect time to fill in any holes in the stock that you carry. Thus, crank out the inventory sheets, a pencil or pen and see what items are missing or need some replenishing.

So, join us in, let’s call it a…“30/30 Stock Reduction Sale;” and help us to help you. Now, just because this is a sale does NOT mean that these are clearance or discontinued items. The items we have selected are purely overstock pieces that we want our customers to take special advantage of. Because honestly, who doesn’t love saving some money?

Here’s how it works!

Order 30 items from ANY of the following categories and receive 30% off of your order.

Categories Include: Jackets, Pants, Vests, Cummerbunds, Bow Ties, Neckties, Pocket Squares, Jewelry, and Shoes.
*Note that in order to receive this discount, orders must include a total of 30 items from a single specified category mentioned above.
 This opportunity will not last long, so acting fast is required in order to redeem the best outcome. And as an added little FYI to all: *Please note that this sale is for TWO WEEKS ONLY and after Friday, June 23rd the prices will go back to normal. 

Furthermore, note that this 30/30 Price Reduction offer is for “PHONE ORDERS ONLY.” To take advantage of this offer, please call customer service at 888.467.0004.

We thank all of our amazing customers for their continued loyalty and support. Together, we can keep consumers of all looking sharp, sophisticated and well-dressed.