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CARDI PM 2.5 Filter Inserts (Kids)
CARDI PM 2.5 Filter Inserts (Kids)

PM 2.5 Filter Inserts (Kids)


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These filters fit inside of the interior pocket of the MaskBarn masks.

  • 5-LAYER ACTIVATED FILTER: 2 layers of anti-stick cloth, 2 layers of melt-blown filtration fabric, 1 layer of carbon for odor protection

  • ONE WEEK PER FILTER:  volume discounts for multiple filters

  • DISPOSABLE:  Do not wash filter.  Throw away filter after 1 week.  Take filter out before washing face mask.

  • SIZING:  Measures y inches x z inches.  Made for kid's mask sizes.

  • VOLUME DISCOUNTS:  Order more & save!

         - 4-Pack of Filters = $1.75 each
         - 12-Pack of Filters = $1.50 each
         - 24-Pack of Filters = $1.25 each
         - 48-Pack of Filters = $1.00 each